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A scientific trip

posted by ChroMohammed Raza

A scientific trip regarding Health, Safety and  
Environment Management for the students from the Department of Applied physics.
at University of Charm
As part of the practical lessons of the Health, Safety and Environment 
Management, third semester students from the Department of Applied physics
organized a scientific trip to Electricity Generation 
Station in Sulaimani Governorate, Chamchamal town. 
The purpose of the trip was to get scientific information about the
electrical hazards available in the station while generating electricity
through natural gas, and tried to find a way in order to control workplace hazards
and eliminate or reduce the risk. 
That was a practical and oral trip lasted for six hours.
Students got enough information from the experts of the Health,
Safety and Environment Management. The grassland rate in the 
station of the entire project’s area was about 40%, which is greater
than grasslands world statistical data


یاری كۆتایی

posted by ChroMohammed Raza   [ updated by Araz Ibrahim Mstafa ]

به‌ئاماده‌بوونی به‌شێك له‌مامۆستایان و خوێندكاران یاری كۆتایی بۆ پاڵه‌وانێتی (تێنسی سه‌ر مێز) له‌ زانكۆی چه‌رموو به‌ڕێوه‌چوو له‌ نێوان هه‌ر دوو خوێندكار( ڕازاو ڕێبوار) خوێندكاری به‌شی (فیزیا) له‌ كۆلێژی( زانسته رداری و ته‌ندروستييةكان) و خوێندكار(په‌یمان جه‌لال) خوێندكاری به‌شی (ژمێریاری) له‌ كۆلێژی (كارگێڕی گشتی و به‌ڕێوه‌بردنی سامانی سروشتی) لە  به‌رواری 29/10/2018 
كه‌ ئه‌نجامه‌كان به‌م شێوه‌یه‌ بوون      
  1-په‌یمان جه‌لال بوو به‌ یه‌كه‌می پاڵه‌وانییه‌تیه‌كه‌
  2-رازاو رێبوار بوو به‌ دووه‌می پاله‌وانیه‌تییەکە
به‌ناوی ستافی كۆلێژی زانستی كرداری و ته‌ندروستی پیرۆزبای له‌ هه‌ردوو خوێندكار ده‌كه‌ین  

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